Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Join us for some fun this month with a pumpkin carving contest - the top 3 carvings win a spin from our prize wheel!

Prizes include NeoMotion merchandise, free private lessons or open gyms, skill toys, and more! Simply follow the steps below to enter:

1. Hit "Download" under the desired template. 

Or create your own NeoMotion themed design!

2. Print to a wifi printer from your phone or send to your computer to print out.


3. Tape the template to your pumpkin and

poke holes along the outlines.

We recommend carving out the full silhouettes of the characters and the black parts of each letter for the words! You may have to get creative for letters with holes ("O" and "B" for example) - we believe in you!

4. Definitely do NOT have tons of fun making a mess ;)

5. Take pictures or videos of your finished product and share to social media tagging 'NeoMotion'!

You may also email them directly to us to share on our own social media!

6. Submit by October 31st to be considered for a prize! Bonus points for pictures in costumes!