About Us

Welcome to

NeoMotion Academy!

We are a modern gym program based in Avon Lake, Ohio. We provide weekly Tricking classes that blend skills from a variety of styles including karate, tumbling, gymnastics, and ninja warrior. Every class includes:

• An engaging warm-up 
• Focus on the skill of the week
• Plenty of time for obstacle courses
• A fun game or activity to finish

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We are located at: 

33640 Pin Oak Pkwy

Unit West B

Avon Lake, OH 44012

Look for our "Ninja Classes" sign by the street. Pull around to the back of the left building. You will see other students by our door.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Meet the Coaches

Our senior staff has been training together for over 10 years and teaching together for nearly 5. 

Besides teaching a really cool hobby, our goal is to make NeoMotion a space where students of all backgrounds and skill levels can feel comfortable learning and growing as human beings. 

Tap "Book a Lesson" if you're interested in setting up a private lesson with any of our senior coaches! 

Matt Milhoan Tricking

Matt Milhoan

Head Coach / Chief Operating Officer

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Dallas Noonan Tricking

Dallas noonan

Senior Coach / VP of Operations

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Tommy Case Tricking

Tom Case

Senior Coach / VP of Marketing

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More About Tricking

Tricking is a movement-based art form that promotes creativity and expression by blending elements from other styles, like martial arts and gymnastics. 

Tricking can be traced back to at least the early 80s and 90s, as traditional gymnasts, martial artists, and dancers began experimenting with different ways to flip, twist, and kick. Plenty of tricking can be seen in today's hottest action movies and shows.

What is tricking?
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Tricking is typically practiced on gymnastic floors or grass, and is not competitive by nature. Trickers use this art form as a means of conditioning, exploring creativity, and as an outlet.

Like with many activities, learning tricking helps students develop
confidence, coordination, and control.