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We are a modern gym program based in Avon Lake and Mentor, Ohio. We provide weekly Tricking classes that blend skills from a variety of styles including karate, tumbling, capoeira and breakdancing. 

We take things to the next level by adding ninja warrior style obstacle courses to every class. In addition to classes, we also host weekly open gyms and monthly events. See where we're located.

Choose from our east or west side location. 

Please note that pricing and attendance policies may differ slightly by location. 

6056 Pinecone Drive

Inside All Around Gymnastics Academy

Mentor, OH 44060

Mentor Location

Avon Lake Location

33640 Pin Oak Pkwy

Unit West B

Avon Lake, OH 44012


Tricking is a movement-based art form that promotes creativity and expression by blending elements from other styles, like martial arts and gymnastics. 

Tricking can be traced back to at least the early 80s and 90s, as traditional gymnasts, martial artists, and dancers began experimenting with different ways to flip, twist, and kick. Plenty of tricking can be seen in today's hottest action movies and shows.

Tricking refers primarily to skills performed on gymnastic floors or grass, while free-running takes things to the next level by performing similar skills off of obstacles and bars. Another significant difference is the influence of martial arts in tricking - there are entire families of kicking skills, which makes tricking quite unique when combined with the flips and twists.


NeoMotion is a new kind of gym program that seeks to introduce tricking & free-running to students in a fun, safe manner.

Created in 2017 by head coach Matt Milhoan, our classes typically include three segments:

1) Group warm-up

2) Rotations of different stations that reinforce curriculum material - skills, concepts, conditioning 

3) A fun activity or challenge to end class

While our main focus is to keep fitness fun, our coaching helps students make noticeable progress in their physical and mental development! Our team consists of energetic and passionate coaches that still train what they teach. 


Youtube Resources

Tricking was popularized heavily by the use of YouTube and social media. Check out our YouTube channel for skill breakdowns and other helpful videos!


Questions? Call, text, or email during business hours.

Monday - Friday 12:00pm - 8:00pm | Saturday 9:30am - 5:00pm

NeoMotion is proud to feature primarily Norbert's Athletic Products! Norbert's has been providing quality gymnastics and martial arts mats and equipment for over 40 years.

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