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Open Gyms

NeoMotion offers weekly open gyms for athletes of all ages and skill levels, open to both members and non-members.


Come practice your skills in a safe and supportive environment with access to guidance and feedback from highly experienced coaches. Whether your child is looking to improve their skills or just get some energy out, you'll find it at open gym!

*At this time, we unfortunately do not have staff available to run the open gyms for ages 5-11. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this portion of the site as soon as this changes.

Book an open gym below.


Open gym is a great opportunity for kids to get the muscles moving and the blood pumping. Each open gym is one hour long, which is a great sweet spot - plenty of time for kids to run around and get some good exercise or for teens and adults to train without getting overwhelmed or overworked. And parents, that's just enough time to grab a coffee and have a few quiet moments in the car ;)

Extra Skill Work

Open gyms are always supervised by experienced coaches, which grants athletes a great opportunity to get some extra practice on skills. While many participants attend open gym for the sake of exercise and just having some fun, our coaches are always ready to provide feedback and guidance on whatever skill your child is learning.

Kids Open Gyms

Our kids' open gyms are essentially an hour of free play in a safe, supervised environment. Open gyms are open to the public, which gives kids additional opportunities to practice socializing with peers and even make new friends.

Teen Open Gyms

Teen open gyms are every Wednesday from 7:30-8:30pm. As with all open gyms, they are supervised by experienced coaches. Whether your teen is looking to get into flipping or they're training tumbling and acro for their cheer or dance career, open gym is a convenient way to add some extra training to the regimen.

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