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Summer Camps

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It's time for Summer Camp!

Our summer camp promise - to tire your kids out with a fun, ninja style summer camp! Our camps are packed with obstacle courses, games, activities, and plenty of free play in the gym.


• Ages 7-11yo
• Registration includes attendance for all 3 days per camp.
• Activities, games, free time, and snack provided.
• Parental supervision not required.

• Great way to have fun and burn energy!

1 Student = $180
2 Students = $324

Please note that summer camps are non-refundable unless a particular camp is cancelled because of low enrollment.

3 Reasons NeoMotion Summer Camp is Awesome!

Kids' summer camps offer many benefits beyond just a break from routine. Firstly, we keep our students moving for nearly three full hours with plenty of physical activity, exercise, and fun! Starting off the day with camp helps kids balance their energy more effectively throughout the rest of the day and as a parent, it's nice to have a few quiet hours around the house!

Secondly, our various activities help encourage social skills and teamwork. Engaging in group activities, such as team sports or collaborative activities, teaches children how to communicate more effectively, compromise, and work towards common goals. These experiences help them develop empathy, leadership abilities, and the ability to forge friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Lastly, summer camps provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development. The fact that camp is significantly longer than a regular class allows students to practice independence and regulation of their emotions. We like to work in different challenges and activities that encourage students to try new things. Doing so in a supportive environment helps boost their confidence and self-esteem, laying the groundwork for future success.

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